Nora Johnson :: Lectures and Publications

Nora Johnson is a noted and respected speaker and lecturer on hospital billing issues

Nora has addressed the Texas OIG (Office of Inspector General) and Texas Medicaid concerning hospital fraud. She has lectured the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association on the subject of hospital fraud, submitted a report to the Federal Committee on Ways and Means, and consulted with the Department of Energy & Commerce’s investigation into hospital billing of the uninsured.


She has also trained numerous billing advocates through her work with Medical Billing Advocates of America, as well as trained nurses and coders in her proprietary Hospital Bill Compliance Audit.


If you would like Nora to speak for your organization's next event or meeting, please contact her today.

Nora Johnson :: Vice President of Audits and Compliance, The TrueFACS :: Consumer and Corporate Medical Billing Advocate
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