Nora Johnson

Nora Johnson is a certified compliance professional, professional healthcare consultant, lecturer and author. Through her extensive research, Johnson has established expertise in the area of hospital billing and hospital bill analysis. Her diverse background as an inventor, teacher and social worker has given her a unique approach toward problem resolution.


Nora regularly appears as a medical billing expert on the hit CNBC show On the Money with Carmen Wong Ulrich, and her work has also been featured on nearly every major news show, website and publication in the country.


She is a Vice President of Audits and Reimbursement at The TrueFACS, Forensic Auditing Claims Services, and prior to that, Nora was the President of Medical Expense Review & Recovery, a business she started after a long and difficult battle with a hospital over billing issues related to her husband's hip surgery. Appalled at the billing errors she saw in the charges and faced with a significant hosptial bill despite having major medical insurance, Nora fought back -- and won. After winning that battle, Nora went on to help others reduce and even eliminate their medical bills, training as a medical billing advocate and developing proprietary methodologies for hospital bill reviews and collections negotiations. Nora has helped provide attorneys with ammunition to argue on behalf of clients facing medical bankruptcy and collections, and she has worked with several major companies to significantly reduce their corporate healthcare spending.

Nora Johnson :: Vice President of Audits and Compliance, The TrueFACS :: Consumer and Corporate Medical Billing Advocate
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