Hospital Bill Compliance Audit

The Tool You Need To Challenge Medical Bill Charges and WIN!

Patients have the right to clean claims -- and to only pay what they truly owe for health care. Now, attorneys representing these patients across the country have an expert-created tool in their arsenal that can help you challenge medical and hospital bill charges and WIN. Nora Johnson's Hospital Bill Compliance Audit:

  1. demystifies hospital and medical bills by giving attorneys laws to argue and win cases against hospital and medical claims
  2. identifies hospitals' actual cost for services rendered
  3. identifies hospitals' profit exacted from billed charges
  4. exposes and identifies duplicate and other illegal charges that appear on most hospital bills

Isn't a Medical Record Audit Just as Good?

In short, no! But until now, attorneys had no choice but to rely on the medical record audits created by nurse auditors and strongly biased toward health care profits.

A medical record audit does not:

Compliance Audits Give Attorneys
  • The laws that are the basis of identification of duplicate, non-billable and wrongly coded charges
  • The hospital's cost as reported to the federal givernment for identical services or items rendered
  • The profit exacted from total billed charges inclusive of fraudulent and abusive charges
Don't hesitate to use the tools available to help save your clients from high medical bills and even bankruptcy. Call Nora Johnson today for a consultation.

Nora Johnson :: Vice President of Audits and Compliance, The TrueFACS :: Consumer and Corporate Medical Billing Advocate
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